EFT–Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

EFT is a short term therapy (8 – 20 sessions) which integrates systemic, psychodynamic, bonding-related and humanistic approaches with the latest research about adult attachment patterns in a most convincing and effective way.

EFT proves to have the best results in scientific studies outlining effectiveness.

The success rate is an unusually high 75% in long term studies. An average of 90% of all couples show significant improvements.

EFT has also proven to be a worthy approach in the work with extremely distressed couples including partners suffering from depression, posttraumatic disorder or a chronic illness.

The interventions and phases

of emotionally focused couples therapy are specific and clinically proven.

In the U.S. and some European countries (The Netherlands for example) EFT is already one of the most applied forms of couples therapy.

“EFT shows verifiable results, we know HOW it works and can therefore train therapists to intervene efficiently and we know that the method is successful with a variety of issues and clients. EFT is aligned with the research about bonding issues and adult attachment habits.”
(Sue Johnson)
→ www.iceeft.com/EFTREsearch.pdf