Further EFT Training-Workshops
„Coreskill“- Seminars

If you want to continue to become a certified EFT therapist after the Externship, you can participate in the "coreskill" seminars (2 x 4 days).

"Coreskill"- seminars are intensive learning experiences in small groups (12-16 participants), where the knowledge gained in the Externship is deepened through extensive experiential exercises. Part of the program is, that each participants shows a part of a session with a couple, that he is treating, on video.

For further information on the certification process → www.iceeft.com

So far we have organized two trainings in Germany, that will be held in German. If you are able to follow a seminar in German, please see information in the German section of this website.

Information on Coreskill-Trainings in Englisch will be given at the Externship. You also find them on the ICEEFT-website. Depending on interest, we may be able to organize a coreskill-training in English in Hamburg or you may be able to organize it in your home country.

If you are interested already, please let us know for further information.